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What is Calcium?

Calcium is a natural element that plays a role in bone health as well as other physiological functions such as blood pressure, blood clotting, ensuring normal heart beats and nerve circulation. Calcium can be found in milk and other dairy products, broccoli and other dark green vegetables, salmon and sardines.

What is the advantage of Calcium carbonate?

Calcium supplements are available in different forms such as Calcium carbonate, citrate, gluconate, lactase, dolomite and coral Calcium. Most supplements are made with either Calcium carbonate or Calcium citrate.

Type Elemental Calcium (%) Average Calcium Absorption (%) (Range)
Calcium carbonate 40 26 (13.8 - 64)
Calcium citrate 21 22 (12.3-31.4)
Calcium lactae 13 32
Calcium glotonate 9 34 (21.8-67.5)
Milk (non calcium enriched) 33 33 (21.4-37.7)
Why is Calcium important?

Calcium is an essential nutrient that helps build healthy teeth and bones and plays a role in muscle contraction, blood clotting and nerve function. Hence, it is important to get enough Calcium every day and to build and maintain bone mineral density throughout an individual’s life. Recent scientific research has determined that even post-menopausal females can benefit from greater Calcium intake.1

Why should Calcium be taken in conjunction with Vitamin D?

Vitamin D helps your body absorb Calcium and supports muscle strength, which reduces the risk of falls and fractures. Vitamin D is either derived from the diet or produced by an individual’s exposure to sunlight. In addition to getting enough Calcium in your diet through food or supplements, it is also important to get enough Vitamin D as it helps in Calcium absorption.

Where is Calcium absorbed in the system?

Calcium absorption takes place in the small intestine.

How many tablets do I need to take daily?

Individuals who obtain only a small amount of Calcium from their diet may take 2 Caltrate® tablets daily to achieve the recommended daily intake of Calcium. Two Caltrate® tablets provides 1,200 mg of Calcium. The daily requirement for adolescents and adults ranges between 1,000 - 1,300 mg. For those who are consuming Calcium from food sources, take 1 Caltrate® tablet a day. When in doubt, please consult your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

When should I take Caltrate®?

Calcium supplements are absorbed best when taken with food. For best results, the dose should be divided, with 1 tablet taken in the morning and 1 at night.

I am having difficulty swallowing Caltrate® tablets. What can I do?

Check with your pharmacist or family doctor for advice.

Is the Calcium in Caltrate® from oyster shells?

The Calcium in Caltrate is NOT from oyster shells. Calcium from Caltrate is derived from Calcium carbonate which is commonly added to foods to fortify the food product with Calcium.